How to put adsense inside blogger post

Google adsense seems to be one the the most effective way of income for many blogger. There are lots of way to monetize your adsense, like inserting adsense between the blog post. and the otherway for bloggers is placing ad sense inside blogger post. By this method u can simply feature adsense beneath the blogger post, or below the post tittle ( please read this before placing add just below post tittle)
Here are the procedure to put adsense in blogger post

1) log in to adsense and choose the adunit or link unit you will like to display in your blogger post. ensure that it fit on your blogger post choose that add unit that is suitable or fit in your blogger post.

2) Copy the adsense code in notepad and change the following code of the adsense The change code will look like below:
adsense in blogger post

adsense in blogger post

After Changing code
show adsense in post body

3) Login to your Dashboard. Go to Template. Edit HTML and click the box next to “Expand Widget Templates”. press crt+f  and find the post.body then you will find the following code like in picture
adsense in blogger post body

4) Press the adsense code just below it if you want to show adsense below paste. if you want to show adsense below post tittle the paste the adsense code above it.( please read this before placing add just below post tittle)

5) Now preview your blog. you if don't find any error and see adsense add. save templates. you have successfully install adsense in blogger post.

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