How to upload blogger sitemap to google webmaster

Submitting blogger sitemap is extremely important  because it helps to index your blog in google which tends to increase blog traffic. Before starting this job let me first make you clear about the google webmaster. 
Google webmaster is the free web service provided by google for webmasters to check indexing status of the website, optimize visibility of their website, Check and set the crawl rate, See what keyword searches on google  led to the site being listed in the search engine result pages. Google webmaster may be one the best way to drive traffice to your blog from google. But it doesn't mean that Submitting blogger sitemap to google webmaster only increase traffic of your blog. There are lots of factors that determines traffic of your blog. I will discuss about later.

How to upload blogger sitemap to Google webmaster

1) Log in to with your gmail account. if you don't have gmail account create it here

2) After loging in you will see the pages like below. Add your site: example (please note add your site without http:// and www)
 how to submit blogger sitemap to google

3) After adding your site you will get the page like the below picture. Now copy that meta tag.
How to upload blogger templates

4) Now paste that meta tag just below the of the blogger. After adding meta tags to blogger click on verify.
how to submit blogger sitemap to google

4) Click on Submit sitemap. and add the following sitemap to your blog.
how to submit blogger tempaltes to blogger

5) Click on submit sitemap and submit the following sitemap. (if you got an error while submitting this use the below sitemap) 

If your blog has upto 100 posting add sitemap as 
If your blog has more 100 posting add sitemap as  
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=101&max-results=100 (If you have up to 200 posts)
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=201&max-results=100 (If you have up to 300 posts)
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=301&max-results=100  (If you have up to 400 posts).
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=401&max-results=100  (If you have up to 500 posts).

blogger sitemap to google

 you have sucessfully submiited sitemap to bloggers. it may takes upto 24 hours or more than 24 hours to  index your site in google.

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