How to upload blogger templates.

If you are new to blogger. you may get monotonous by looking at the blogger templates gallery at blogger. Blogger hasn't upgrade its templates gallery since a long time. I am been seeing the same template since I started blogging at blogger. Another blogging platform like wordpress has provided its user with large amount of theme which is unfortunately lack in blogger. But you do not need to be depressed. Due to the creativity of different designers, different blogger templates have been available. you can simply visit btemplates where you can get different templates that may be either 3 column, 4 column, 2 column, magazine style. If you have creativity. you can simply design templates of your own. I am simply writing this post for the beginners who are just new to blogging at blogger. Here are the procedure you should follow  
before uploading new blogger templates.

1) First of all you should know what kind of templates you need. But while choosing blogger templates you should know the method to customized blogger templates
2) Find the necessary templates from site and download it.
3) Most of the blogger templates are in win zip format. ensure that you have extracted it.
4) Click on layout and edit html then click on browser. upload the blogger templates that you have selected. please follow the below picture.
How to upload blogger templates

5) Now you may be the below message like this. click on  confirm and save.
how to upload blogger templates in blogger
6) Now you can preview your template. Enjoy blogging with your New blogger templates.

Note: Before uploading new templates into blogger please be ensure that you have backup your previous template. 

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