8 Reasons of getting failure in adsense

If you are thinking of making money online from AdSense you are not alone. Million of AdSense publisher are seeking the best way to make money from AdSense. AdSense is taken as one of the fastest easiest and better way to earn money online. But its not as easy as people think. Making money from AdSense involves a lot of dedication and patience. People generally start small website or blog write some content on it and sign up to google AdSense and start using it and finally their problem is same. Million of publisher are taking AdSense as their major source of income, while some are just unable to compensate their website cost.
Here are the Reason why people fails from AdSense.

1. Ignoring search engine optimization 
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plays a major roles in AdSense. Most of the people think seo as waste of time. Ignoring seo means ignoring your visitors because huge amount of traffic came from search engine.

2. Most repeated visitors in blog or website.
User mostly click on your AdSense add when they are new to your site. for example. MrDavid is looking for learn guitar in google they we found the related site and enter my site and found a AdSense add " easy way to learn guitar" He may click on that add. lets take another example Mr William was daily visitors of that website he almost know the content of that website. So he would directly go to that pages where the articles or content is located.

3. Failure in understanding AdSense programme
Many people think that AdSense is a multi billionaire business. But many people are just unable to make $100 in a month. So, when people doesn't get as they desire that finally leads to quite AdSense

4 Neglecting the features of AdSense
AdSense give you the best appropriate function to control all over your add. you can customize colour, fonts of the add. AdSense facilitates you with the custom channel where you can overview which channel is performing well. if you just ignore these factor and just paste the AdSense code as it is it. without changing the appropriate colour fonts that matches to the colour of your website or blog. and without using custom channel then no one can help you.

5. Use copyright content 
Many people just make free website or blog just to involve in AdSense, I have seen many blog or website who are using copyright content of other website. Using copyright content means less visitors. less visitors means less income in AdSense Please note:- you are copying the content of the site who is already ranked well in search engine. so do u think that you can compet with the website that is already rank well in google by using their content. Absolutely not.

6. Not using custom channel. No response tracking of your Ads. after placing them.
One of the most important features of google Adsense for publishers is custom channel. you can overview all your ads performances throught custom channel. Neglecting this features means neglecting your result. for example:- you study hard , you give exam , and u finally get the result. if you ignore that result you can't improve. if you start evaluating that result and start improving in the things that you are weak. you will definetely going to be one of the success. The same things apply here.

7. Haphazard placement of Ads. on a page.
First of all, you should know that you are making a website that are view by the people all over the world. you should know where your visitors eyes mostly catch in your website or blog. if you ignore this face and just put Adsense in any part of website you will definitely going to loose.

8. Using wrong method to earn from AdSense
Most of the publisher in AdSense do mistake knowingly and unknowingly. Some may get involved in activities like click fraud using different software, groups of people, friend and relatives. But please note:- if you think you are smarter google is more smarter than you. Google is one of the successful company in the advertising networking. They got the best management team, engineers and technicians in the planet. More click frauds means less advertisers, less advertiser means less money to google. Do you think google will make failure of their billion of business. Please note using the wrong method to earn from AdSense may eventually make you get banned in AdSense.

Conclusion:- There are million of AdSense user. but very limited of them are earning good amount from it. you may read the various articles that someone has earn $ this much. well they are just like you. the things they do is they are serious in making money online. if you just make blog or website for fun or for time pass. then forget about AdSense it doesn't work for you. if you are serious and want to make money online then you should learn to optimized you AdSense performance. keep in mind no one earn from AdSense just in couple of days starting website or blog. it may takes 6 month to one 1 years depend upon the website or blog to earn a good money from AdSense.

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How to add paypal donation buttom in blogger blog

If you have a plenty of traffic in your blogs you might get some bucks for coffee by adding paypal donation buttom in blogger blog. So this post describes how to add paypal donation buttom in your blog. For it you should have paypal account. if you don't have sign up here.

1. Log in to your paypal account.
2. Click on Merchant Services' tab which is on the top menu of the pages
how to add paypal donation buttom in blogger blog

3) you will see the following screen in the page, click on donation buttom.

how to add paypal donation buttom in blogger.com

4) Now you will see the different option like the below screen shot in your page. Fill in Organization name/service other things are optional. you can customized others things according to your necessity. for example you want someone to donate exact amount of money only to you then you can choose the option Donors contribute a fixed amount.
how to add paypal donation buttom in blogger.com blog

5) After that click on create buttom and Continue.

6) you will see the similar code in the pages.
add paypal donation buttom  in
blogger.com blog

7) Log in to blogger.com >> Layout>>add a gadget>> HTML/Javascript

Now you can prview your blog. you have successfully added paypal donation buttom in blogger blog.

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adsense between the post in blogger

 Update : See how to insert add inside the blogger post.

Adsense seems to be one of the most effective way to earn money online for a blog. Adding adsense between the post in blogger might helps to increase your CTR. There will be more chance of add to be clicked if you put adsense between the blogger post. But there are some limitation of Adsense. you can only put 3 add unit and 3 link unit in one page of your site or blog.  For example, you have 5 post. you have display one add in sidebar. then the add will be appear after two middle post only. because you can only put 3 add unit in one page. To avoid these you can see how to insert add inside the blogger post.

How to put adsense between the post in blogger?
1) Log in to blogger.com >>click on layout.>>then edit html
2) Click on the edit link of blog post.
put adsense between blog post how to
3) you will see boxes over there check the box- Show ads between the post
How to put adsense between blog post

4) Configure the essential ads size, colour and click on saves the changes.
5) Now view your blog. The adsense add will be appear between the post in your blog.

How to add meta tag in blogger

Meta tag are piece of text in the source code of a web page in order to provide information to a search engine about the contents of the page. Every blog owner want to more traffic to their blog, rank well in search engine Then you must optimize how your blog is indexed in a search engine. Meta tags are tags which tells search engine what you site is about. Before Adding meta tag to your blogger post you must be familiar with Meta description and Meta keyword

Meta Description
Metal description is used to add description of you website. When you search website in google the meta description show just below the search result of the website. Meta Description are what we see in search result. so, don't write the description of your site long ( note more than 150 character). if the description is too long, it'll be cropped as search engines only use a few lines to describe the blog.

Meta Keyword
Meta Keyword is use to describe the content of your website. you can use as much as different keyword but don't use the same keyword more than 3 times to avoid keyword spam.

Don't write the meta Description and meta content of your website same. If you do so, search engine will ban your site from the list. 

How to add meta tag in blogger
1. Login to your Blogger.com account.
2. Click on ‘Layout’ and select ‘Edit HTML’ tab.
How to add meta tag in blogger
3. Search for the following code: Press Ctr+F

4) Place the following code just below it. (Pls not if you have use blog tittle hack place this code just after that)

<link href='mailto:Your_Email_Address' rev='made'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Your keywords separated by commas'
<meta content='Your Site Description' name='description'/>
<meta content='Your_Name' name='author'/>
<meta content='ALL' name='ROBOTS'/>
Please note:  
.Replace Your_Email_Address with your Email Address.
2.Replace Your keywords separated by commas with your site's keywords.
3.Replace Your Site Description with a good description of your site.
4.Replace Your_Name with your Name

5) Now save you templates.
6) you can now analyze your meta tag with seocentro.com

If you have a blog that is suffering from the malware problem. You can simply use Wpmalwares.com for removing malware from your blog


Optimize your blog tittle for seo

Placing right keyword in your post tittle hampers a lot in your seo at blogger. Placing right content in your tittle helps to index your blog properly. Behind that there is another factors that you can do to improve your seo in blogger. Whenever you publish your blogger post you must be familiar that your blog tittle will come first and after that your blogg post tittle will appear at second. Blog Title + Post Title is the default tittles of blogger pages. But by using this hacks Post Title + Blog Title search engine like google , yahoo and bing optimize your blog for seo. I think the below picture will helps you to understand what i mean.
optimize blog tittle for seo
After applying the blog tittle hacks
optimize blog tittle for search engine optimization
 How to Optimize your blog tittle for  seo
 1) Go to blogger dashboard >layout>edit html

2) Fine the following code in you blogger templates. press CTR+F to find the following code


 replace the code with

<!-- Start www.abloggertips.blogspot.com: Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title>
<!-- End www.abloggertips.blogspot.com: Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->

3)Save the templates. you can see the effect of your hack after viewing your blogger post 

How to put adsense inside blogger post

Google adsense seems to be one the the most effective way of income for many blogger. There are lots of way to monetize your adsense, like inserting adsense between the blog post. and the otherway for bloggers is placing ad sense inside blogger post. By this method u can simply feature adsense beneath the blogger post, or below the post tittle ( please read this before placing add just below post tittle)
Here are the procedure to put adsense in blogger post

1) log in to adsense and choose the adunit or link unit you will like to display in your blogger post. ensure that it fit on your blogger post choose that add unit that is suitable or fit in your blogger post.

2) Copy the adsense code in notepad and change the following code of the adsense The change code will look like below:
adsense in blogger post

adsense in blogger post

After Changing code
show adsense in post body

3) Login to your Dashboard. Go to Template. Edit HTML and click the box next to “Expand Widget Templates”. press crt+f  and find the post.body then you will find the following code like in picture
adsense in blogger post body

4) Press the adsense code just below it if you want to show adsense below paste. if you want to show adsense below post tittle the paste the adsense code above it.( please read this before placing add just below post tittle)

5) Now preview your blog. you if don't find any error and see adsense add. save templates. you have successfully install adsense in blogger post.

How to upload blogger sitemap to google webmaster

Submitting blogger sitemap is extremely important  because it helps to index your blog in google which tends to increase blog traffic. Before starting this job let me first make you clear about the google webmaster. 
Google webmaster is the free web service provided by google for webmasters to check indexing status of the website, optimize visibility of their website, Check and set the crawl rate, See what keyword searches on google  led to the site being listed in the search engine result pages. Google webmaster may be one the best way to drive traffice to your blog from google. But it doesn't mean that Submitting blogger sitemap to google webmaster only increase traffic of your blog. There are lots of factors that determines traffic of your blog. I will discuss about later.

How to upload blogger sitemap to Google webmaster

1) Log in to google.com/webmaster with your gmail account. if you don't have gmail account create it here

2) After loging in you will see the pages like below. Add your site: example abloggertips.blogspot.com (please note add your site without http:// and www)
 how to submit blogger sitemap to google

3) After adding your site you will get the page like the below picture. Now copy that meta tag.
How to upload blogger templates

4) Now paste that meta tag just below the of the blogger. After adding meta tags to blogger click on verify.
how to submit blogger sitemap to google

4) Click on Submit sitemap. and add the following sitemap to your blog.
how to submit blogger tempaltes to blogger

5) Click on submit sitemap and submit the following sitemap.
     http://yoursite.blogspot.com/rss.xml (if you got an error while submitting this use the below sitemap)


If your blog has upto 100 posting add sitemap as 
If your blog has more 100 posting add sitemap as  
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=101&max-results=100 (If you have up to 200 posts)
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=201&max-results=100 (If you have up to 300 posts)
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=301&max-results=100  (If you have up to 400 posts).
atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=401&max-results=100  (If you have up to 500 posts).

blogger sitemap to google

 you have sucessfully submiited sitemap to bloggers. it may takes upto 24 hours or more than 24 hours to  index your site in google.

How to upload blogger templates.

If you are new to blogger. you may get monotonous by looking at the blogger templates gallery at blogger. Blogger hasn't upgrade its templates gallery since a long time. I am been seeing the same template since I started blogging at blogger. Another blogging platform like wordpress has provided its user with large amount of theme which is unfortunately lack in blogger. But you do not need to be depressed. Due to the creativity of different designers, different blogger templates have been available. you can simply visit btemplates where you can get different templates that may be either 3 column, 4 column, 2 column, magazine style. If you have creativity. you can simply design templates of your own. I am simply writing this post for the beginners who are just new to blogging at blogger. Here are the procedure you should follow  
before uploading new blogger templates.

1) First of all you should know what kind of templates you need. But while choosing blogger templates you should know the method to customized blogger templates
2) Find the necessary templates from site and download it.
3) Most of the blogger templates are in win zip format. ensure that you have extracted it.
4) Click on layout and edit html then click on browser. upload the blogger templates that you have selected. please follow the below picture.
How to upload blogger templates

5) Now you may be the below message like this. click on  confirm and save.
how to upload blogger templates in blogger
6) Now you can preview your template. Enjoy blogging with your New blogger templates.

Note: Before uploading new templates into blogger please be ensure that you have backup your previous template.