Digital Ocean: The best unmanaged cloud VPS hosting

Digitalocean is the reliable SSD based, unmanaged VPS hosting provider with unbeatable pricing and reliable network structure. The easy to use control panel, one click installation, and the collection of thousands of tutorials make digital oceans very easy to use vps among beginners. Digital Ocean bill its user on hourly basis. For instant, if you deposited $5 in your account, but you use Digital ocean for only half a month. You will only be paid for that period of time.  Digital Ocean has initiated the concept of droplet. Their amazing support add another extra value. Each account can have multiple droplet. Each droplet act as a separate entity, and is billed separately. So what makes Digital Ocean so different from other unmanaged hosting provider that exist in the market

1. Unbeatable price.

The starting price of Digital Ocean is $5/month. It is one of the cheapest price available in the market. Anyone who wants to experiment with the VPS service can start with their $5 plan. The plan can be switched instantly. Thus, you won’t face any hustle while switching the plan. If you compare the plan with other unmanaged hosting provide, it is still the best in the market.

2. Ability to choose network.

The user can choose the network from their nearest location. Digital Ocean has the server on San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York, Singapore, London, and Frankfurt. They are constantly adding the server location in different part of the world. Choosing the server nearest to the location of your business help your website to perform more quickly and effectively.

3. Choose the distribution and application

Digital Ocean made is very easy for its user to choose the distribution of their choice. You can easily select the distribution and the version you want to install in your VPS. A wide variety of application like WordPress, Phpmyadmin is available on application install category. You can easily create the snapshot of your droplet. Setting up backup is easy with a single click. Private networking, Ipv6 is easily available on request with additional setting category.

4. Amazing Community

Most of the tutorial in the digital Ocean forum are contributed by the community member. Anyone, with a decent writing skills and technical knowledge can contribute article in Digital Ocean. They reward its community member with $50.

4. Fantastic Support

I used digitalocean for about a year. Whenever I had problem, they solve it right away.  I love their support. Their customer support is amazing.

5. Get Free $10 credit

If you decided to signup for digitalocean, get a free $10 digital ocean promo code when you signup. 

6. Lacking Features

Digital Ocean lacks few features like HA, fail-over, firewall and Elastic Load Balancing. I hope to see the features in the coming days.

Final conclusion:

DigitalOcean is the amazing unmanaged VPS cloud provider with a cheapest price in the market. Their customer support is amazing. The user are price hourly on the usage basis. However, if you droplet is up and running, they will charge it for it. You have to destroy the droplet in order to stop billing. 

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